Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Body We Cannot See

Bernadette Roberts
"Ultimately then, the physical body we know is not separate from the physical body we do NOT know. This is a tremendous truth to ponder; it means that there is no separation between our eternal body (that we do not know) and our physical body (that we know) and that in death there is no non-physical spirit leaving the physical body. 
"In a word, there is no such thing as the separation of body and spirit, or separation of a physical and non-physical body. To think otherwise is not what the Eucharist reveals to us. Christ’s physical body is not separate from his eternal divine or mystical body, and anything Christ reveals to us is our Truth, not merely his Truth."
What is Self?, page 136

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  1. I was pondering the last post by Bernadette, and it seemed so unfathomable, it gave me a headache. The physical body we know through our senses and thoughts, is not separate but one with the body we do not know -- but that body we do not know is everything and nothing. In that sense there is no death.


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