Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Interior Life

Father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange
"As everyone can easily understand, the interior life is an elevated form of intimate conversation which everyone has with himself as soon as he is alone, even in the tumult of a great city. From the moment he ceases to converse with his fellow men, man converses interiorly with himself about what preoccupies him most. This conversation varies greatly according to the different ages of life; that of an old man is not that of a youth. It also varies greatly according as a man is good or bad. 
"As soon as a man seriously seeks truth and goodness, this intimate conversation with himself tends to become conversation with God. Little by little, instead of seeking himself in everything, instead of tending more or less consciously to make himself a center, man tends to seek God in everything, and to substitute for egoism love of God and of souls in Him. This constitutes the interior life."
 The Three Ages of the Interior Life

(From Patricia: If you are interested in reading more deeply about the stages of the interior life, I highly recommend visiting this site. It contains a summary of a course in ascetical and mystical theology which was given for twenty years at the Angelicum in Rome. I found it when searching for more on St. John of the Cross' dark nights in preparation for this week's quotations.)

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