Friday, April 1, 2016

The True Nature of the Body

Bernadette Roberts
"The Eucharist is not only the mystery and reality of Christ’s eternal body but the ultimate mystery of our body as well. This means that our body is more than its present historical physical experience – what we see, know and experience of it. Just as Christ’s physical body in the Eucharist cannot be physically seen, known or experienced, so, too, the true nature of our own eternal physical body cannot be seen, known or experienced. 
"So the Eucharist is telling us that the body is of a different nature than what we ordinarily see and know; it tells us our true body is what we do NOT see and know. But whatever this body is, or whatever its eternal form, we know it is not separate from the physical body we see and know – anymore then Christ’s incarnate body is separate from his eternal mystical body. To think otherwise is not what the Eucharist reveals to us."
What is Self?, page 136

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