Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ultimate Solution Within

Father Ronald Rolheiser
"The world trivializes restlessness, inviting us in a thousand ways to forget that God has called us to make an inward pilgrimage. The world, while not necessarily against God, invites us to forget God. “Distract yourself”, it says.… “Find enough life and leave some mark and you won’t be so restless!” 
"Given all of this, it is not easy for us to believe that the ultimate solution to restlessness lies in a journey inward. Given all of this too, it is not easy to have the courage to make that journey, even when we know that it must be done. What N. Cosby writes: “The one journey that ultimately matters is the journey into the place of stillness deep within one’s self. To reach that place is to be at home; to fail to reach it is to be forever restless” – should be written in bold letters in the preface of every spiritual book today. Too much inside of us and around us invites us to forget this, and it is too dangerous to forget it. It is our rest, our peace, that is at stake here.… The invitation is to move inward, in silence, to gently calm our raging restlessness with an inner stillness that comes from union with God. This inward journey is non-negotiable. To ignore it is to take a bad risk."
Against an Infinite Horizon, pages 25-26

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