Friday, April 8, 2016

Waste No Chance

Sister Ruth Burrows
“Through what is happening to us, we are brought to face with our sinfulness, our selfishness, our inadequacy or whatever it is. Yet this is God’s moment. It is, I believe, in the constant, almost hourly choices that these humiliating, self-revealing experiences afford us, that true holiness and union with God is brought about. … Nothing is too small, pathetic or shameful to be used for love.”
Essence of Prayer

(From Patricia: Once I had to give a talk on the spiritual life to a group of university students. I was nervous about it, not at all sure I had anything to offer. I thought I could well make a fool of myself. As I was waiting to be introduced, the thought flashed in my mind: ‘Go ahead and do it. If you don’t make a fool of yourself and give a good talk, it will be good for them. If you do make a fool of yourself, it will be good for you.’ Failure would be ‘good for me’ in the sense that Sr. Ruth speaks of in the quote, a “humiliating, self-revealing experience” that God uses to our good.)

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  1. Patricia, This quotation opens the door to something you and I seem to disagree about - self - and yet I think we really don't. When I talk about the importance of self, I'm not speaking about self-reliance or taking over self-will run riot variety, but about the fact that, for those of us who have not surpassed the self, everything proceeds from it. In the poverty of my hyperactive ego, I must start with the self, ascertain where "I" am in whatever's going on, and proceed from there to God. In this sense, the self isn't about my will vs God's will but how am I failing to conform to God's will, how indeed am I resisting it. Introspection such as that which you describe beautifully here is where it all begins. Peter


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