Monday, May 2, 2016

Dust to Dust

Bernadette Roberts
“To understand the end of the journey we have to go back to the beginning.  Man came forth from a handful of elements and through the constant buildup of various structures and functions he came to consciousness.  Our life is a passage through consciousness. Our return is a forward movement; we are returning the same way we came.   
"In the beginning various structures and functions came into being, and at the end of our journey there is the cessation of structures and functions, first the cessation of consciousness, then the cessation of the senses, then the cessation of the vegetative body.  The structures are moving back to their elemental parts, and though we say, ‘moving back,’ it is really a forward movement.  Perhaps it seems like a negative movement, for example when we hear, “Thou art from dust and to dust thou shalt return,” which is actually a very true statement. 
A Passage Through Self (DVD set)

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