Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Alan Watts
"There is the objection that the Eternal Now is too much of an abstraction, an infinitesimal point too coldly mathematical, a seeing too devoid of color, content and life to be the source of mystical inspiration, of love, courage, wisdom and all the virtues of Christian sanctity. Surely more fire is to be gained from contemplating the figure of Christ, or reading the lives of the Saints. 
"No one will deny that very great fire may be had from these latter sources, especially for those whose religious consciousness is still wholly dependent on images and symbols. But there is always the danger that the imitation of Christ may become monkey business, and what is important for us is not so much the outward form of Christ as his inner spiritual state. Humanly speaking, his inner state, the cause of his outward glory, was precisely his realization of the inescapable presence (here-and-now-ness) of God and union with him. It is from the Eternal Moment that the saints derive the momentum and power of holiness."
Behold the Spirit

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