Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Word 'God' - Why Fear It?

Bernadette Roberts
"As it is, the term 'God' is so universally open-ended it is unlikely any two people in history have ever had the same rapport, experience, notion or understanding of the term. At the same time, everyone knows it refers or points to the ultimate mystery of all that exists. Those who avoid the term invariably suffer a deep-seated prejudice or anger against somebody or something, after all, they can’t be against a God they never encountered. Their problem is not with God, but with people, maybe some overbearing religious parent – who knows?"
Essays on the Christian Contemplative Journey
Essay: The Spiritual Journey Recapitulates the History of Religion

(From Patricia: What do you mean when you say 'God'? Does the word make you squirm a little? Do you find yourself replacing it with words like 'the Universe', or 'Truth' or even, as I heard a Unitarian minister say once, The Big Thing? Words cannot express the inexpressible, but for now it is all we have. God bless us all.)

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  1. Patricia, I hope I never hear you say, The Big Thing bless us all! And yet, yes, I am reluctant to use the word God in the company of others because of the problem of no one's being able to tell what anyone means by it. And there are other reasons: I don't want to sound high-handed, I don't want to sound presumptuous, I don't want to sound to the ears of militantly skeptical friends like a know-nothing. These are all ego reasons. Jesus enjoined us to talk about God, and following the Word seems to require letting go of ego sometimes. Blessings, Peter


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