Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Alone with God

Bernadette Roberts

"While the Christian journey is provided with a plethora of books on the subject – accounts given down the centuries – yet, for everyone, it is himself and God alone. No one can have another’s experiences – indeed, even the same person doesn’t have the same experience twice-over. It is because experiences vary widely – as does our understanding of them – that everyone has his own unique paradigm. God leads people differently, and one can only be true to God’s leading them – and not true to what someone else says. While all are going in the same direction toward the same end, along the way all that is commonly shared is the same Faith and the same common practice of this Faith. 

"Though certainly encouraged and inspired by others, one is always completely on his own, alone with God. To have the slightest dependency on anyone or anything else is to go nowhere. With scathing self-honesty all man can do is constantly face God alone."

Forcing-the-Fit, “A Case of Plagiarism, page 117

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