Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Emerging from Nothingness

Bernadette Roberts

“One possible way of envisioning the human passage is the following.  We think of ourselves as an originally emerging from the unknown, from darkness, nothingness or non-existence into the light of consciousness.  But as consciousness develops we discover the increasing ability to see in the dark, see into the nothingness or mystery within ourselves and eventually realize that this darkness and nothingness is the Divine from which we emerged and with which we are one.  Thus we discover that our original darkness IS true light. 

"Midway in this passage, Divine light (darkness or unknowing) and the light of consciousness are in balance, with neither outshining the other.  But as we move beyond this mid-point, divine light begins to outshine the light of consciousness until, in the end, the light of consciousness goes out and only Divine light remains.  From this vantage point we look back on the passage and see that although consciousness was the veil that dimmed the light, this dimming was necessary in order to make the human dimension possible.”

What is Self?, page 55

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