Thursday, October 20, 2016

Instrument of God

Bernadette Roberts

"Since Jesus neither knew Christ, nor understood himself in the light of later Christianity, this focus was never on some other individual person or human being, much less on himself. Jesus’ focus was solely on God, who he sometimes referred to as Father. So if people are to regard the man Jesus as a model for their own lives, like Jesus, they too would focus solely on God and not on any human being – and certainly never on themselves.

"That Jesus and his apostles were born into the Judaic belief system, means that Jesus never saw himself as Yahweh or Almighty God, nor did his apostles or their successors regard the man Jesus as God. But then, there is nothing to indicate he ever thought he was God, but on the contrary, said many things affirming he was not God. It is incomprehensible anyone could think that God talked, walked, slept, was tempted, etc. That he was an instrument of God, however, one with God from the moment of his conception and privy to knowledge only he could know, of this, there is no question. He was truly a one-of-a-kind person and totally human."

The Real Christ, Chapter: The Man Jesus

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