Monday, October 24, 2016

To Burn Up the 'You'

St. Maximilian Kolbe

"Never do anything so that others may see and esteem you. Never do anything out of human respect. Do everything perfectly, because you are working in God’s presence, for God and not for men. In every situation think more about loving than about working. Don’t offer excuses when you make a mistake. Don’t cast the blame on others. Do not offend by sarcasm those who correct you. Do not renounce in advance your errors which someone is trying to point out to you.

"Practice for a long time and with zeal until you succeed in willing that your defects may not remain hidden any longer, and until you learn how to rejoice when others judge you imperfect. Do this to make up for your errors. When you are reproved unjustly, do not excuse yourself. Cut short all thoughts of pride…

"Willingly accept every opportunity for humbling yourself. Don’t be offended at a harsh word, and imperious tone of voice, not being respected as much as you would like to be. Welcome occasions of being disregarded and humiliated, first with patience, then willingly, without raising any difficulties, and finally with joy. That will be perfect humility."

Stronger than Hatred

(If someone misunderstands you, 'gets  you wrong' - try just allowing it; don't correct them and instead examine what arises for you. If you think you are already free of ego, trying the above practices for a day will give you proof, one way or another. This is a 'hot' and revealing practice.)

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