Thursday, November 3, 2016

Avoid Humble Talk

Bishop Fenelon

"I would warn you of the temptation of 'humble talk'. It is so easy to talk in very humble ways simply because it sounds good. But it is far better to be humble and say nothing about it. The humility that can still talk needs to be carefully watch! The old self gets a lot of comfort out of what it says to itself.

“Don’t allow yourself to be upset by what people are saying about you. Let the world talk. All you need to be concerned about is doing the will of God. As for what people want, you can’t please everybody, and it isn’t worth the effort. One quiet moment in the presence of God will more than repay you for every bit of slander that will ever be leveled against you. You must learn to love other people without expecting any friendship from them at all. People tend to be quite fickle. They love us and leave us, they go and come. … So, in the end, it is God that tests or blesses us, using others as we have need."

Let Go, page 33

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