Monday, November 28, 2016

God Loves What God Created

Bernadette Roberts

“Although the fathers referred to Jesus as “the perfect man”, yet it only took three years for this perfect man to engender such animosity and fear that he was put to death. Such is the destiny of a perfect man in an imperfect world, where even God could not run a perfect human show.

“Nothing created, of course, is perfect, only God is perfect, and seeing that Jesus was the best God could do, should give hope to the rest of mankind. Human nature being what it is, there is nothing perfect about it – until it reaches its eternal life in God. So one of the messages of the Incarnation is that despite being human, despite the imperfections and limitations of human nature, God nevertheless loves what God has created and intends to save and transform it into eternal life with and in God.”

The Real Christ, chapter: The Man Jesus

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