Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The God that is Being

Meister Eckhart

“The less theorizing you do about God the more receptive you are to God’s in-pouring.… True possession of God lies in the heart, not in thinking about God. A divinity theoretically conceived will not do. For then God goes when thought goes. Rather, grasp the God that is Being, above all thinking and all creaturely activity.

“Here [in my soul] the core of God is my core, the ground of my soul is God’s ground. … In all you do, act from this core. God is with us on that ground, provided He find us within and not gone out on the business of the five senses.”

Quoted in Men Who Walked with God, Sheldon Chaney

(Eckhart's "core" is Eliot's "still point of the turning world'. There, all is well. Find that or if you know it, return to there.)

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