Monday, December 12, 2016

Citizens of Heaven and Earth

Servant of God Elisabeth LeSeur

“Do not think that, when I speak to you in this way about living in eternity in advance, that I forget that though you are a future citizen of heaven you are at the present time a young citizen of Earth. I am not encouraging you to neglect your human responsibilities. When life is established on a solid foundation of faith and when grace sustains us daily, we can live on earth and do our part in building up society. We are still able to enjoy the happiness and love that comes our way to a degree scarcely known to those who do not put a little of eternity into their love and pleasure. Nothing human is foreign to us, and we possess the priceless privilege of being simultaneously members of the human race and children of earth and also members of the heavenly race and children of God.”

Selected Writings

(Elisabeth LeSeur (died 1914) was a French married laywoman whose cause for canonization is underway.)

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