Monday, December 5, 2016

Getting Beyond Devotion

Bernadette Roberts

"I have heard it said some people fear having a devotion to Mary lest it subtract from their devotion to Christ – or to God.   Mary, however, can only lead one to God because the two are inseparable.  She even has a way of “fading” into Christ as if she was the other side of the same coin.  

"Just like true love of God is not a “devotion”, so too, true love of Mary is not a “devotion.  (I’ve always had an aversion to the term “devotion” because it smacks of sentiment and feelings.)  True love of God and Mary, however, can never be called a “devotion”, they are too intrinsic to one’s life to ever to be associated with “devotion”.  I’d even go so far as to say, unless people can get beyond their “devotions” – even their devotion to the man Jesus –  they will never develop a deep spiritual life.  Devout feelings are fickle and tend to keep one on the surface of a spiritual life.  To depend on mere “devotion” is the death knell of any abiding spiritual life."

The Real Christ, Chapter: Theotokos

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