Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jesus Focused Solely on God

Bernadette Roberts
“Since Jesus neither knew Christ, nor understood himself in the light of later Christianity, his focus was never on some other individual person or human being, much less on himself. Jesus’ focus was solely on God, who he sometimes referred to as Father. So if people are to regard the man Jesus as a model for their own lives, like Jesus, they too would focus solely on God and not on any human being – and certainly never on themselves.”
The Real Christ


  1. My mind often doesn't grasp this. Does this mean Jesus the person, never knew Christ because Christ isn't a person ? Then the Christ is that non dual entity or non entity so to speak ?

    1. Christ is our oneness with God, the oneness of human nature and divine nature. Jesus knew his oneness with God, therefore Jesus 'knew' Christ. Christ is a 'what' and not a 'who'. B. Roberts has written an entire 450 page book on this subject, so don't be too surprised if you don't get it right away.


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