Thursday, December 15, 2016

Make Decisions When Calm

Bishop Fenelon

"The time of temptation and distress is no time to form resolves. Excessive distress is like summer torrent, which must be allowed to run its course. …Ask any experienced advisors, and they will tell you that you are to make no resolutions until you have reentered into peace and recollection. You will learn from them that the readiest way to self-deception is to trust to ourselves in a state of suffering in which nature is so unreasonable and irritated.

"Nothing would be more unwise then the forming of resolutions in a state of distress, which is manifestly accompanied by an inability to do anything according to God. When you have become calm, then do in a spirit of recollection what you perceive to be nearest the will of God concerning you. Return gradually to devotion, simplicity, and the oblivion of self. Commune and listen to God, and be deaf to self."

The Best of Fenelon

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