Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Knowing Unavailable to the Intellect

Bernadette Roberts

“While people can affirm this knowing, they cannot say how they do so. When speaking of it to others I have been met with both instant recognition and total denial. So despite its universal nature this knowing is recognized by some and not by others. Of course, when hearing of this “knowing” everyone automatically wonders “what” this knowing knows. Yet the only answer that would satisfy the mind is something that could be intellectually identified or grasped, which is not what this knowing knows. What this knowing knows is never available to the intellect because it never arose from the intellect in the first place. It is a totally different type of knowing. Indeed, there is more to ourselves than we know!”

Essays on the Christian Contemplative Journey
Chapter: "The Spiritual Journey Recapitulates the History of Religion"

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