Friday, January 20, 2017

A Time of Change

Jack Kornfield

Now a time of change has come.
We must listen deeply, bear witness, honor everyone, 
       and choose our actions wisely and courageously.
Do not worry if the Right Action is not yet clear to you.
Wait in the unknowing with mindfulness and a clear heart.
Soon the right time will come and you will know to stand up.
I will meet you there.

Quoted on Lion's Roar website

(Jack Kornfield is a Theravadin Buddhist teacher and author of many books. I thought these lines were particularly appropriate for today.)

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  1. Thank you, we need to find that place of silence and settle into God as we wait for the action that we may be called to. Here are some words from my local Episcopal Priest:
    "Today Donald Trump will become the 45th president of our country. He will need our prayers. And we ourselves will need the gift of praying. And God will still be God. In the days ahead may we trust and open to our own unknowing, and in that healing, humbling silence find the empowerment we need to face whatever work lies before us.


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