Monday, January 2, 2017

Dangerous Times

Servant of God Dorothy Day

"There is so much fear and distraction these days over the state of the world – there is sadness in the Pope’s Christmas message, and articles, in letters, in all endeavors. And yet surely, “all times,” as St. Teresa said, “are dangerous times”.

"We may be living on the verge of eternity – but that should not make us dismal. The early Christians rejoiced to hope that the end of the world was near, as they thought. Over and over again…people have been expecting the end of the world. Are we so unready to face God? Are we so avid for joys here, that we perceive so darkly those to come?"

On Pilgrimage (quoted in Meditations by Dorothy Day)

(Patricia: This quote is from another good book, brief meditations that encourage simple living,even poverty, in order to help others. She was a living example of what happens when we put God first, others second, and ourselves, last of all.)

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  1. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with New Year wishes, and even with disagreement to what was posted or written. I'm encouraged by your response, encouraged to keep reading, praying and posting. We work together to make the Invisible visible to each other.


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