Saturday, January 28, 2017

Feed Your Soul

Father Ciszek 

“For many Christians, I fear, the notion of the Blessed Sacrament as the bread of life is somehow only a poetic or symbolic phrase used by Jesus in the Gospel. Yet what a source of sustenance it was to us there*, how much it meant to us to have the Body and Blood of Christ as the food of our spiritual lives in this sacrament of love and joy. 

The experience was very real; you could feel its effects upon your mind and heart, upon your daily life. For us it was a necessity, to foster the life of the soul, just as much as our daily bread was necessary to sustain the body.” 

He Leadeth Me, p. 138

(Father Ciszek was *captured  by the Russians and imprisoned under hard labor for years. This book, and his next one, With God in Russia, are good reading and very inspiring. If you think our times are hard, read this. I can personally confirm what he says about the power of the Eucharist to sustain when all else fails.)

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