Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Just As You Are Now

Caryl Houselander

"You see, God's will for you is to serve him, in his way, as he chooses, now. It is only a want of humility to think of extreme vocations, like being a nun or a nurse, while you try to bypass your present obvious vocation, which is to restore your will to God's, so that you may become what God wants you to be, and may be able to use the faculties he has given to you for his service.

"Today you have to use what you have today, and do not look beyond it. You have your suffering of mind and body, you have that hardest of all things, the building up of your will by doing what you don't, and that present can't, feel that you want to."

The Letters of Caryl Houselander, Her Spiritual Legacy

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