Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Case for Righteous Wrath!

Dorothy Day
"I am reminded of St. Teresa who said, ‘The devil sends me so offensive a bad spirit of temper that at times I think I could eat people up! 
“I’m glad she felt that way too. St. Thomas said there is no sin in having a righteous wrath provided there is no undue desire for revenge.”

(From Patricia: I, too, was glad to find these ‘saintly’ remarks. The people I have learned the most from in this world have been a bit rough by the world’s standards – as am I. I prefer an honest remark, even if painful, to empty talk or compliments. I have dear friends who tell me I can be a ‘troll’ at times! Yet, they remain my loving friends. The conventional image of saints is of people who are always sweet and smiling. But I prefer the examples of earthy, plain spoken saints like St. Teresa of Avila and Dorothy Day, who express the truth that holiness is a consuming fire, not a warmth comforting to the ego.)

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  1. This is such a good perception and observation Patricia. It is true for me, I think for you, and for anyone I can think of who's been influential in my life - foolishness can make us angry and the anger can provide energy to deal with it effectively. Jesus got this way with his followers sometimes. Peter


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