Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Trinity in Us

Bernadette Roberts

“It would appear that God has three paths of communicating with man, paths that correspond to the three aspects of Himself as Trinity. First, the indwelling Spirit, our true center, seems to be God’s most obvious, universal manifestation to man, or man’s most immediate experience of God. Second, but less obvious and not as often experienced, is the unmanifest aspect of God as first cause, transcendent to creation, the seeing of which would have nothing to do with a personal self. The third is by far the most difficult manifestation of God to get hold of. This is the experience of Christ, who is too subjective to be objectified, for in Christ we realize the saying: God is closer to us than we are to ourselves. 

“As Christ is the very life of the soul, how can we get an objective look unless we stand outside ourselves as objective observers? Thus, Christ is our most subjective experience of God. We are not transformed into Spirit: rather it is the Spirit who transforms us into Christ, and while the Spirit continues to remain objective to us, Christ does not—in truth, he cannot.”

Path to No Self

(We cannot see God in the same way a baby in the womb cannot see its mother. God is closer than our own breath!)

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