Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Transforming Union with God

Bernadette Roberts

"To summarize this far: once the deepest center of being open’s to us, its silence becomes increasingly accessible as a refuge of peace. We are suddenly lured into this center by infusions of joy and love which increase our desire to remain in this dimension. In itself, this dimension is both a conscious awareness and a subtle feeling of deep interior space, a space so deep it seems at times to go through our being and out – beyond ourself. 

"As we acclimate to living in the center we lose the old habit of being swayed by thought and feeling because they can no longer draw us out, disturb our peace, or reach to this deeper dimension. Thus, the process of learning to live at the center is the process of unification and transformation, otherwise known in contemplative literature as “transforming union”. It means we are losing old ways of acting and responding in order to learn how to live at the center in union with God."

Path to No Self, page 55

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