Sunday, January 29, 2017

True Self-Knowledge

Bernadette Roberts
"Somehow I had the notion that the self would quietly be phased out (which is only true of the journeys definitive end), whereas I learned (so long as the journey is in progress) the divine is only revealed in proportion as self-knowing is revealed. Thus throughout the journey the true nature of self is revealed along with the true nature of the divine. Even at the definitive end of the journey, what is ultimately revealed is the true nature of the divine as well as the true nature of self. One is not the other – but then the end of the journey is shocking and unbelievable."
Studies in Formative Spirituality, page 348

(Most of the quotations this week will focus on self-knowledge. From St. Augustine we read: “Lord, that I may know myself, in order to know Thee.”  And Eckhart wrote: “Self-knowledge leads to God-knowledge”. Self-knowledge in its most important sense does not mean slogging around in personality traits or preferences, life lessons and relational problems. Rather true knowledge of self sees all that, and goes deeper, asking questions such as: “What is self, what am I, where do I end and God begin?”)

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