Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wrestling with God

Niko Kazantzakis
Niko Kazantzakis shares a conversation he once had with an old monk named Father Makarios. Sitting with the saintly old man, Kazantzakis asked him: “Do you still wrestle with the devil, Father?” The old monk reflected for a while and then replied: “Not any longer, my child. I have grown old now, and he has grown old with me. He doesn’t have the strength…I wrestle with God.” “With God!” exclaimed the astonished young writer. “And you hope to win?” “I hope to lose, my son,” replied to old monk. “But my bones remain with me still, and they continue to resist.”
Quoted in Sacred Fire, by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser

(Patricia: I often feel ready to ‘lose’ to God, but the body has a mind of its own.)

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