Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Hermit's Possessions

A Monk
"Beyond and in all this, he possesses his solitude, the riches of his own emptiness, his interior poverty, but of course, it is not a possession. It is an established fact. It is there. It is assured. In fact, it is inescapable. It is everything – his whole life. It contains God, surrounds him with God, and plunges him in God. So great is his poverty that he does not even see God; so great are the riches that he is lost in God and lost to himself. He is never far enough away from God to see him in perspective, or as an object. He is swallowed up in him, and therefore, so to speak, never sees him at all."
Hermitage Within, Alan Neames, translator 


  1. I had given this book away but still had these quotes. I found the quotes from today and tomorrow, so good and useful that I bought another copy. Hope they spoke to you as well.

  2. Oops - early morning mistake. I meant "the quotes from yesterday and today"! I'd better have some coffee.


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