Saturday, February 4, 2017

Our Faults Can Serve Us

Bishop Fenelon

"We must neither flatter, nor be impatient with ourselves, in the correction of our faults. Despondency is not a state of humility; on the contrary, it is the vexation and despair of a cowardly pride – nothing is worse; whether we stumbled, or whether we fell, we must only think of rising again, and going on in our course. 

"Our faults may be useful to us, if they cure us of a vain confidence in ourselves, and do not deprive us of an humble and salutary confidence in God. God never makes us feel our weaknesses, but that we may be led to seek strength from Him. What is involuntary should not trouble us; but the great thing is, never to act against the Light within us, and to desire to follow where God lead us."

Fenelon’s Spiritual Letters, pages 200-201

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