Friday, February 10, 2017

Slow Me Down, Lord

Bishop Fenelon

“Do not be alarmed because you find yourself quick, inpatient, imperious, decided; it is your natural character – you must feel it. We must bear with self without flattery, and without neglecting the means necessary to correct it. While waiting for God to deliver us from self, we need to be undeceived about it. Let us humble ourselves beneath His powerful hand.… Abide in silence as much as you can; avoid deciding, withhold your opinions, your likes and dislikes. Pause, and break off your activity whenever you perceive that it is too eager. Do not let yourself follow your desires too eagerly, even for good.

What I most desire for you is a certain calmness, which comes from recollection, detachment, and love of God. Occupy yourself as little as possible about external matters. Give at proper season a quiet, calm attention to those things assigned to your care by Providence; leave the rest. We do much more by quiet, tranquil labor in the presence of God, then by the greatest eagerness and over-activity of a restless nature.”

Fenelon’s Spiritual Letters, pages 86-87

(I believe he wrote this for me, but I thought I'd share it with you too...)

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  1. If he wrote this for you it was because he wanted you to pass it on to me. P.


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