Sunday, February 12, 2017

Where is the Father?

Bernadette Roberts

"Christ’s ascension seems to be a dissolution or disappearance of his body, as if it had evaporated into a “cloud,” or perhaps divine air. We say Christ “ascended to his Father,” but where is the Father? As we know, much like air, the divine is Everywhere, the Trinitarian Christ is Everywhere. What this tells us is that Christ’s divine body is not what appears to the senses, intellect or consciousness – is mystical body is beyond all this. 

"But there is a further Truth or dimension of Christ beyond even that of the ascension, and this is the Eucharist or the incarnate Christ who remains with us still – “I go that I might come”. As the Eucharist, Christ remains among us until every human being has been gathered into the divine. As the All and Everywhere, we do not know where Christ IS not, but as the incarnate Christ we know where Christ is, and this is the Eucharist."

What is Self?, page 204

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