Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Beyond Belief

Bernadette Roberts

"Given that true existence is none other than God’s Existence, we can understand the saying “God is closer to us than we are to ourselves”.… Because of the transparency of the Uncreated, it is possible to see how the created can exist in the Uncreated and how the Uncreated exists throughout the created while being transcendent to it. Not only can the Uncreated be glimpsed through the created, but the Uncreated can break through the created dimension to reveal Itself. 

"Without this revelation or breakthrough, man could not know the Uncreated existed. This is why the monotheistic religions rely totally on this revelation for their Truth and not on any philosophical theory, mere belief, doctrines, books, or someone’s theology. Indeed, it is because Truth is unbelievable man needs Faith – that “truth-sensor” in man – which is beyond all belief."

The Real Christ, chapter: Monotheism

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