Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Great Divide

Bernadette Roberts

"The simplest way to illustrate Monotheism is to draw a horizontal line across a blank piece of paper, on top of the line write “Uncreated”, and under the line, write “created”, this is basic monotheism. By definition, the Uncreated is “that” which cannot create Itself, thus, everything It creates is not Itself. So the line between the two is the Great Divide between the Uncreated and the created. ...

"It should not be thought, however, the Great Divide “locks in” the Uncreated or that It cannot reveal Itself to the created. Being Infinite Existence, the Uncreated is not subject to space and time, has no parameters, no inside, outside, above or below, cannot be circumscribed or pointed to, thus God is neither near nor far. At the same time, however, It permeates creation, is everywhere, closer to man then man is to himself, and all this, without being any part of the created dimension. In truth, God transcends all man’s notions of space and time – this whole created world. 

The Real Christ, chapter: Monotheism

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