Monday, March 13, 2017

How Far Are You Willing to Go?

Mme. Jeanne Guyon

"How far are you willing to go in yielding your will to God? How far is proper? What are the limits of obedience, the ends of abandonment, the ultimate willingness of the will? The Song of Songs, Chapter 5, records a possible insight, for there you find a soul giving up the hope of eternal life! This does not mean that this particular believer has eternal life taken from him. It simply means that this believer offered up to God even that hope. There was now nothing but a present love for God. All hope of any personal reward for loving God was abandoned and sacrificed. …

"Let us take this high water mark, this extreme view of yielding and abandoned, and hold it before our eyes as we venture into the interior of life."

Final Steps in Christian Maturity, pages 1-2

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