Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jesus, the Unknown Years

Bernadette Roberts

"Since what attracted followers were his [Jesus’] miracles, they had no interest in his former mundane life at home – besides, had there been miracles, everyone would have heard of them already. The years of being relatively unknown, however, is one of the most overlooked aspects of his life, one that has more meaning to us common folk than much of what he (or rather, God) accomplished in the three years of his being known.

These ordinary years of being unknown – or known only to God – dispel the notion that those closest to God, the holiest of human beings, are immediately recognized or stand out in a crowd. Obviously, man’s oneness with God is not for the looking, or even the knowing. The only one who knows this is God and oneself, no one else. Thus Christians who wish they had known the historical man Jesus, thinking ‘Christ’ is a visible human being, would only be disappointed. ‘Christ’, after all, is but a ‘title’ or term for man’s oneness with God, thus Christ is no visible being.”

The Real Christ, Chapter: The Man Jesus


  1. The study of Bernadette's work has given me the rudiments of an understanding of Jesus (as an extraordinary but human being) and of Christ (Jesus's and all of our oneness with God). I feel I am finally beginning to find comfort in the Holy Trinity and the fog around Christianity (for me) is beginning to lift. I am grateful. Peter

    1. Well said. I, too, had given up looking into the "fog" of Christianity, until I began to study what Bernadette wrote, much of which connected to my own experience and my suspicions about the real Christ.


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