Friday, March 10, 2017

No Different from Christ

Bernadette Roberts

"So what do these 30 years of Jesus’ life tell us, what is the lesson here? For those who would deify the man, they might ask themselves how God, or the divine Christ, could walk on this earth and never be noticed as anyone other than a local carpenter? How is it no one thought there was anything special about him that might have drawn them to seek him out or have something unusual to report? What does this say about the divine Logos’ human nature – God’s own human nature? It tells us that even God’s human nature is no different from the human nature of anyone else; it affirms Jesus was, in every way, as human as anyone who ever lived on earth.

"That the Incarnate Logos could be among men and never appear or be known as any different from others, is the most outstanding lesson the Incarnation has to teach – indeed, it is a revelation in itself. Unless one realizes the enormity of the Incarnation, however, they cannot understand or appreciate this fact, which should raise the status, spirit and insight of every human being. It is not a matter of just accepting one’s humanity, but of realizing it is the greatest of God’s creations, capable not only of being one with God, but destined to participate in God’s own eternal life no different from Christ."

The Real Christ, Chapter: The Man Jesus

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