Thursday, March 30, 2017

No Rest on the Journey

Catherine de Hueck Doherty

"Somewhere along the road of life, by the grace of God, my soul awoke. And it was hungry, hungry for God. And its hunger became a fire, a fire that consumed me and ate me up with its intense, devouring heat. I could not rest anywhere except in motion, that long, endless journey that every soul must undertake if she is to meet her God. It is a strange journey, across arid plains and verdant valleys, across dried parchment-like deserts, a journey of many crossroads and endless sharp turns that confuse us and make us clamor for a rest. But the hunger for God knows no rest. So I go on and on."

Journey Inward


  1. Patricia, This one like practically all of your quotations gets to the heart of it and to the heart of me. My journal reveals the strangeness of my own journey with many arid plains and parchment-like deserts, which make me especially grateful for the verdant valleys. CDB is such a valley. Gratefully, Peter

    1. My favorite line: "I could not rest anywhere except in motion...".


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