Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Church and the 'Herd Mentality'

Bernadette Roberts

"Obviously, a wrong understanding of Christ is from the top down – those at the top being responsible for perpetuating wrong views. Either they know no better, or they deliberately foster what they think “simple-minded folk” expect to hear, i.e., take them for ignorant sheep – the herd mentality.

One senses a fear that the Truth of Christ’s Reality might challenge the simple folks’ belief system, fear it might go beyond what they learned as a child about “Jesus”. Better, then, not to “question” lest Christian Truths go over one’s head. There is also the fear of not being “dogmatically correct” lest one be censored and put down – God help those who stray from the proverbial “party-line”! Thus cautious, careful and restrained is how theologians and clergy, come across – boring actually, same old, same old. Christians these days, however, are not those of yesterday, they are no longer satisfied with the simple platitudes, clichés, or childish naïveté of a Jesus cult.

Today, educated and freethinking, with instant access to information and communication, people are seeking Truth on their own with no reliance on clergy or church. Unless the Church can catch up to these sincere seekers of Truth and offer a deeper spiritual life, the Church will simply be left behind.

The Real Christ, Reason for Writing

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