Sunday, April 16, 2017

Christ IS the Resurrection

Bernadette Roberts

"Christ identified both his true nature and the true nature of resurrection when he said, "I am the resurrection". He did not say "I am the resurrected" (past tense), rather, he said He was "It" – the Resurrection.  Christ and Resurrection are one and the same, and thus our resurrection is Christ.  

"Apart from this revelation being in the body, it has nothing to do with the body, nothing to do with being re-united to a soul, and nothing to do with the end of the world.  The whole transformed Person that remains beyond self is Christ.  As said before, it is not we who die, rise and ascend, but only Christ.  But alas, the human mind may never be able to grasp such a marvelous Truth.  Sometimes I wonder why God bothered to reveal anything to us at all. How easily it all gets watered down to a childish mentality."

Essays on the Christian Contemplative Journey, chapter: Mystical Theology and No Self 
(pg 98) Appendix I, A Note on Resurrection

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