Friday, April 7, 2017

Last Thought at Night, First Thought of Day

Fr. Jean LaFrance

“Do not forget that if your spirit is immersed in prayer when you go to sleep, your first thought in the morning will be of God. As you lie down, so will you wake: ‘Spend your night in quiet meditation. Offer just sacrifices and trust in the Lord’ (Psalm 4:5-6). Sometimes God will give you long waking stretches in the night so that you can continue your dialogue with him. With the example of Christ and all the great saints, prayer at night is an integral part of an intense life of prayer.

“If you fall asleep while praying, you will escape the shadows of the night, forerunners of death. The angels of God will watch over you. Your peaceful relaxed sleep will link up with your very depths where God lives.”

Pray to Your Father in Secret, pages 164-166

(May God grant a peaceful night and a perfect end to us and to all. Amen.)

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