Saturday, April 1, 2017

The 'Line' that Divides and Unites

Bernadette Roberts

"Jesus could walk away from all other accusations but the Truth of his oneness with God. What his death was about was not saving man from sin, but saving the Truth for man – the Truth of man's Eternal Oneness with God! So, if asked how Jewish monotheism differs from Christian monotheism, we must go back to the Great Divide between the created and Uncreated. In Christianity, the Judaic Line that Divides, is the revelation of Christ as the Line that Unites. If we put our finger on this line we put our finger on Christ, because this line is the whole Mystery of Christ. That this line both divides and unites is a contradiction of opposites and one not easy to reconcile. …

"If we cannot first grasp the true nature of monotheism, we can never hope to grasp the tremendous mystery of Christ. In all their deliberations, the fathers strictly adhered to this monotheistic “line”. As to how this line could divide and at the same time unite, this was the mystery confronting Christianity from the beginning. This was the mystery of Christ that totally absorbed the fathers."

The Real Christ, chapter: Monotheism

(The Real Christ is now available in paperback format, at Amazon and other online book sellers.)

(Try actually drawing the line as Bernadette describes. Seeing it in black and white makes the point even clearer.)

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