Sunday, April 30, 2017

The 'Why' of Transformation

Bernadette Roberts

“To understand the why of transformation, it is important to understand man is not created a static being. His creation is not a once-and-for-all act of God – kerplunk, here we are, stuck forever as we are now with no way out or up. On the contrary, God’s dynamic act of creation is not over until it is over, and it is not over until God’s creative act has arrived at the destiny for which God created man in the first place

"Thus man is ever in movement toward his intended destiny, moving in circular fashion, as it were, back to the Creator or Source from whence he came, only now, forever what he never was at the beginning. Where he came from God unknowing, he returns to God ‘knowing’, it is all a process of transformation. At death, this process goes even further to resurrection and ascension, ending in an eternal oneness with God – ‘Christ’. Thus we can understand the saying: ‘We don’t know what we are now, but we know what we shall be – like him (Christ), that is’.”

The Real Christ, chapter: Monotheism 

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