Monday, April 10, 2017

Truth Will Out

Bishop Sheen
"We do not know what the future holds – whether the battle will be bloody or unbloody. We only know that the world is more and more polarized, and the good are becoming better and the bad are becoming worse. Whether swords will be used we do not know, and whether they will be sheathed or unsheathed, we do not know. There is only one thing that we do know:  That is, if truth wins, we win! But if truth ... Ah, but truth cannot lose!"
Thinking Life Through

('End of the world' signs and warnings, signs seem to be flying around lately; anyway, I keep hearing them. "Bloody or unbloody", swords or not - the end of our personal world, yours and mine, comes for each of us, for sure. As always, though our destiny is uncertain, our obligation is clear. Know God, love God, and your neighbor as yourself. Then you'll be ready.)

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