Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Note to Day Book Readers

To Day Book Readers, 

I have the feeling that lately too many of the quotes posted here have had the quality of 'fillers' - not very challenging, inspiring or useful to someone trying to live a serious (and joyful) contemplative life. So I'm cutting back a bit on the number of posts, while I spend time reading and searching for words that strike me to the point. I also want to post some shorter quotes - which will mean leaving out some background or explanatory material. Perhaps you will be encouraged to pick up the book and read, on your own, what went before and after the quotation. 

Your friend on the journey,


  1. I have enjoyed them a lot. But whatever is best for you is fine with me.

  2. Thanks for all for the encouragement. As long as I see that people are still coming to the site, I'll keep posting.


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