Thursday, May 4, 2017

Self Cannot Free Self

Bernadette Roberts

"Just as man had no choice to exist, so too, he has no choice to not exist.  It is all up to God....

"Anyone whose goal is to lose his self-identity (person) or thinks he can get rid of his “self” is totally mistaken – that self can get rid of self is a logical contradiction. There is probably no greater fear man can have then loss of his self-identity – end up with no awareness of himself at all.  This is because there is no greater sense of self security than self-awareness, without it, man cannot imagine his own existence. In many respects, self-awareness, one's own identity, locks man in himself, which is why God is the only one that can ever get him out of himself – unlock this door, so to speak."

The Real Christ, chapter: Death of Christ

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