Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Taste of What's to Come

Bernadette Roberts

“In retrospect, it is possible to understand the nature of these silences as the stilling of the self, a step-by-step movement or entry into the irreversible and permanent state of no-self. It seems that from the day we are born, or from the day the self begins to develop, we are getting ready for a life without self. It is as if the mechanisms of self-preservation and self-extinction are living in balance, and guiding us to our true destiny….

“What this means is that all our experiences of silence are nothing more, yet nothing less, than the silence of no-self, a mysterious foretaste of what is yet to be…. No-self is not God; rather, it is the gap between self and God and the gateway to what is not only beyond the self, but beyond no-self as well.”

Experience of No Self
(Shambala edition, page 95)

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