Saturday, June 17, 2017

The First to Fall Away

Bernadette Roberts
“Our well-worn traditional religious paths were not meant for egos – which is why their traditional pleasures soon wear off. Either we are in this journey solely for God or ultimate Truth or we are not in it at all. The first to fall by the wayside are those in it for themselves.”
What is Self?, page 62


  1. There is an underlying truth in this powerful statement. No doubt our will and our ego can't carry us to Christ. That would be an intrinsic contradiction. It​ seems to me though that the person who is on the journey completely for God is already at the destination. We may yearn for God a teeny bit while burdened by our relentless selves. And that spark of yearning may be enough to put us on the path where a conversion can occur God willing. (Or am I missing something,as is often the case.) Peter

  2. That "spark of yearning" IS God in a way. Like a message from home.


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