Sunday, July 16, 2017

Beginning a Few Days of Fenelon

Bishop Fenelon

"Frequently raise your heart to God in separation from the world. Speak only when obliged to. Bear with patience whatever happens to cross you. You are already acquainted with the life of the spirit, and God treats you according to your necessity. 

"You have more need of humiliation then of illumination. The only thing I fear for you in this state is wanderings, and you may avoid those by silence. Only be faithful in keeping silent when it is not necessary to speak, and God will send grace to preserve you from dissipation when it is."

Best of Fenelon


  1. Every sentence of this message spoke directly to me. I do believe that this is my path. Thank you.

    1. Once again, Fenelon serves as spiritual director, clear, direct and to the deepest point.


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